’94 YJ(S)

Service Log

02/25/2009 Re-torqued shackles from 95FTLB to 60FTLB.
Disconnected front sway bar.
Cleaned up stereo wiring.
Attached center console permanently.
03/09/2009 Purchased Dana 30 front axle, 4.11.
Purchased Ford 8.8 rear axle, 4.10.
03/25/2009 Dana 35, rear axle, failed.
06/01/2009 Axle swaps complete.
Upgraded front axle shafts with XJ one piece units w/ larger u-joints.
SYE installed.
New brakes all the way around.
New 33″ Trail Cutter M/T tires.
06/27/2009 First offroad run since the axle swap.
Ignition module failed on the way home.
10/29/2009 Fuel tank ruptures.
03/08/2010 Repaired stereo battery drain issue.
05/05/2010 Replaced fuel pump.
11/05/2010 Repaired rear of frame.
04/12/2011 Fuel pump fails after 11 months.
06/11/2011 Replaced exhaust up to header.
08/20/2012 Checked all fluids. Oil change due in 500.
Replaced heater fan fuse.
09/16/2012 Changed oil and checked all fluids.
04/07/2013 Changed oil and checked all fluids.
Differential service.
Tightened valve cover.
Cleaned cabin.
04/30/2013 Aluminum radiator sprung a leak (genesis auto parts).
Limited Lifetime warranty, shipped the old one, genesis should have shipped the new.
10/18/2016 Lockright Locker fails in the Dana 30.
Working on parts list and replacement of locker.
11/03/2016 Installed Spartan Autolocker.
200 Mile Break in then change Differential Oil.
07/03/2018 Sold!

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1994 Wrangler New Brakes

Ordered brake stuff for the Wrangler. Below is the info on the rear axle so I don’t forget (again).

VIN: 1FMYU24E0XUB76957
Car manufacture date: 1999
Mark of the vehicle: Ford
Auto model: Explorer
Vehicle motor: 4.0L V6 SOHC 16V
Trim of car: Sport 4WD
Number of identification: B76957
Shift type: 5-Speed Automatic | 5-Speed Manual

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