’76 C3(S)

Service Log
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

06/19/2012 Purchased.
VIN#: 1Z37L6S431281 (verify)
07/17/2012 – 07/18/2012 Removed power steering pump, alternator, water pump, radiator and thermostat.
07/21/2012 – 07/22/2012 Installed Power steering pump, alternator, water pump, aluminum radiator and 192F thermostat.
Removed radio antenna.
07/26/2012 Installed radiator and power steering hoses.
Lower radiator hose clearance is 1/8″, also rests on the frame Xmember.
Checked all mounts and added distilled water to the cooling system for testing.
07/28/2012 Test run.
Replaced leaking gasket at thermostat.
08/04/2012 – 08/05/2012 Removed old bumper cover and hardware.
Test fit new bumper cover.
08/09/2012 Permanently attached new rear bumper cover.
OBX headers and sidepipes arrived.
08/10/2012 Removed front bumper cover mount.
Cleaned and inspected mounting surface.
08/11/2012 Removed passenger aluminum kick panel (driver’s side already missing).
Measured clearance for new hood.
08/14/2012 Ordered Sweet Thunder DL250 inserts. Talked to Mike.
08/15/2012 1-2 Weeks before Vette goes to the body shop for left fender.
08/17/2012 Re-installed fan shroud and hood.
08/28/2012 Received Energy Suspensions motor and tranmission mounts.
09/05/2012 Dropped off at Bondurant Auto Body.
09/18/2012 Back from BAB with the new fender installed.
Driver’s side headlight assembly was removed at the shop, I removed the passenger side.
09/19/2012 Lower valence installed. This will need to be loosened to line up the new bumper.
09/23/2012 Removed forming tabs and trimmed new bumper cover.
10/02/2012 Mounted license plate holder to bumper cover.
Epoxied bumper cover mounting studs to cover.
Prepared mounting surfaces for seamless work.
Prepped and painted grill mounts.
Made the decision to go with Stinger style hood.
10/03/2012 Started installing the stainless steel radiator hoses, need adapters 1.5 to 1.75 inch ID.
10/04/2012 Ordered lower radiator hose adapters.
Installed upper radiator hose.
10/05/2012 Installed lower radiator hose.
Burped cooling system.
10/09/2012 Started bumper removal process.
10/10/2012 Finished removal of the reinforcement assembly and honey comb.
Loose fit top of new bumper to body with stainless steel clips.
10/12/2012 Ordered replacement hood from Stinger Fiberglass.
10/14/2012 Fitted and epoxied front bumper and top of rear bumper.
10/15/2012 Started sanding epoxy.
10/17/2012 Removed hood.
10/19/2012 – 10/21/2012 Aligned and test mounted new hood.
10/23/2012 Cut core support and built new support crossmember.
Aligned and mounted hood.
Latch Springs still need installed.
10/27/2012 Built new radiator brackets.
10/30/2012 Installed new radiator core support brackets.
11/04/2012 Removed exhaust from headers back.
Found a couple items that need to be corrected before header installation;
1. Need to replace main battery ground.
2. Spark plugs and wires need replacing.
3. Sending units.
11/08/2012 Installed new engine mounts.
11/09/2012 – 11/11/2012 Installed new transmission mount.
Started install of exhaust headers, clearance issues.
Passenger front primary hits frame at bend, had to clearance driver rear primary for bracket, more clearance needed for steering gear on front main.
11/20/2012 Clearanced driver’s side header.
Installed both headers and tightened all mounts.
Re-installed Alternator.
11/24/2012 Test run.
Found leaks at passenger side joint.
Running rough after header install, idling about 500rpm.
12/02/2012 Test run.
Tightened clamp bolts on sidepipes.
Cleaned up header wrap ties.
Fixed hood level and latch issues.
Checked #1 cylinder plug. Carbon build up but otherwise fine.
04/13/2013 Low idle after installing headers and sidepipes last year.
Adjusted idle 3/4 turn to idle at 800rpm
Will back off 1/4 turn in the future to back idle down to 700-750rpm.
Running rich.
04/18/2013 Installed FIA Headlights and side markers.
Test fit early 70s(?) T-Tops purchased used.
05/01/2013 At Bondurant Auto Body for final body work.
05/09/2013 Back from BAB.
Todd suggested I order a “Front End Support Rod” to help with leveling the hood.
05/11/2013 – 05/12/2013 Found kink in reverse lock cable.
Installed heat/sound shielding in cabin.
05/19/2013 Finished carpet and seat install.
05/27/2013 – 05/28/2013 Dash in horrible shape, removed entire assembly.
Found abandoned mouse condominium, removed all ducting and heater core to clean.
Re-installed ducting.
05/29/2013 Purchased upper dash, driver, passenger, map bag, DIN center cluster and door panels.
06/08/2013 Installed shift console, center console, gauges and stereo.
06/11/2013 upper dash, driver, passenger, map bag arrived.
06/12/2013 Installed speakers and vent in new dash pad.
Re-assembled speedometer.
Assembled and tested tachometer.
06/16/2013 Removed steering column.
06/17/2013 Finished dash install.
06/18/2013 – 06/19/2013 Dismantled steering column for paint.
06/22/2013 Painted steering column and had wheel dyed.
06/27/2013 – 06/28/2013 Installed steering column.
07/21/2013 Installed L88 FIA style headlights and covers.
07/23/2013 Installed T-bar reveal.
07/24/2013 Adjust idle for ~800rpm at operating temperature.
07/25/2013 Installed T-bar trim.
Dyed rear view mirror trim.
Painted rear view mirror and map light switch.
07/27/2013 – 07/28/2013 Finished interior installation, all that remains are door panels.
Built flat FIA light covers.
08/04/2013 Mounted fire extinguishers.
Repaired side pipe exhaust.
08/15/2013 Finished installing ’72 style rear bumper.
06/12/2014 Installed new push rods, adjusted lash.
Removed Heater/Air Conditioner fan assembly.
06/21/2014 New sparkplugs and wires.
08/06/2014 Initial Featherfill completed at Bondurant Autobody.
05/14/2019 Sold!

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1976 Corvette Stingray

1 Z 37 L 6 S 431281

Manufacturer Identity Number 1 Chevrolet Division
Series (Model) Z Corvette
Body Style 37 Coupe
Engine Model L L-48
Model Year 6 1976
Assembly Plant S St. Louis, MO
Unit Number 431281 400001 to 446558

1 Z 37 L 6 S 431281
1 Table Cell Table Cell
Z Table Cell Table Cell
37 Table Cell Table Cell
L Table Cell Table Cell
6 Table Cell Table Cell
S Table Cell Table Cell
431281 Table Cell Table Cell

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LS3 Conversion (76 Corvette)

Anything, used, more than $3500, it’s time to go new.

Leaning toward the Hot Cam LS3 built engine. 480HP, 473lb.-ft.
Chevrolet Performance LS376/480 495HP Hot Cammed LS3

Powerplants I will consider, depending on price:
LS1 Aluminum 346ci 5.7L 1998-2002 Camaro, 305-315hp 1997-2004 Corvette, 2004-2005 GTO 345-350hp
LS2 Aluminum 368ci 6.0L 2005-2007 Corvette/ 2005-2006 GTO 400hp
LS3 Aluminum 381ci 6.2L 2008-2009 Corvette 435hp
LS6 Aluminum 346ci 5.7L 2001-2004 Z06 Corvette 405hp
L92 Aluminum 381ci 6.2L 2008-2009 Silverado Maxx, Denali, Escalade 403hp. This engine shares the same block as the LS3.

A brief summary of some differences.
Had differnet casting heads which had perimeter bolts and valve covers.
Ignition coils were mounted to the valve covers one at a time.
1998-1999 LS1 cars had a smaller throttle body cam, which caused the throttle to open to WOT faster than 2000+ cars
1998 cars had 28 lb fuel injectors from the factory
1998-2000 cars had a larger cam than the 01-02 cars
1998-1999 cars had more restrictive exhaust manifolds
1998-2000 cars had an LS1 intake with EGR
1998 only LS1 blocks had a much smaller cylinder sleeve that only tolerated a .005″ hone
1998 only cars had a different PCV system with the PCV valve located above the passenger side valve cover
1998 most cars did not have an idle adjustment screw on the throttle body. Some 98 cars do have the idle throttle stop set screws.
1998 cars have a completely different PCM from 99+ cars
A production shortage of F-body cams caused the use of a C5 cam to be installed in F-body LS1s for a very short time

1999-2000 cars switched to 26 lb fuel injectors
Cylinder heads and valve covers redesigned to have center bolts instead of perimeter bolts. Other than that, the heads were the same.
Redesigned cylinder sleeves that allowed for a small bore, up from .005″ in 1998 models.
1999 cars continued the LS1 intake with EGR provisions
1999 cars continued more restrictive exhaust manifolds and larger cam
1999-02 cars had a different PCV system with the valve located to the side of the intake manifold

Redesigned exhaust manifolds for new emissions standard actually flowed better and created a little more HP.
2000 continued use of LS1 Intake, EGR, smaller cam, and 26 lb fuel injectors
Throttle body cam was increased in size to slow the speed at which the car reaches WOT
Starting 2000 intake lids contained a seperate breather filter

A small percentage of 2001 and 2002 LS1s actually had LS6 blocks which had a different part number and a darker metal cast
Starting 2001, all LS1s came with an LS6 intake manifold without an EGR system
Advertised HP output was changed from 305 to 310 on base LS1s and from 320 to 325 on WS6s and SSs
2001-02 cars have a smaller cam from the Vortec truck engines to increase low end torque
2001-02 cars had 28 lb fuel injectors like the 98 cars (albeit different part numbers)

2002 – Last year of the F-body
2002 LS1 head gaskets redesigned. The new ones are a pressed metal, as opposed to the graphite ones and are no longer specific to the side of the car theyre installed on
2002 cars continued with the LS6 intake, 28 lb fuel inectors and smaller truck cam
2002 continued the use of an LS6 block in some LS1 F-bodies
A factory supported optional 345 HP option could be ordered from SLP


ST10 and LSx:


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A Note to Eckler’s Corvette

I wanted to contact you and say I am far from happy about the quality of the fiberglass parts I received, order # 11184560. Specifically with the front and rear bumper (Part # 33662 and 10341 respectively).

While I expected some fitment issues since this is a 30+ year old car, I did NOT expect the multiple thin spots and bubbles just under the gel coat. This has lead to extensive body work on, what should have been, install and go parts.

Here, we have an area that was less than a 1/16th of an inch thick. An area right next to the mounting surface.

Here is another thin spot that was sanded through but on the front this time.

And these two were bubbles right under the gel coat in the rear lamp buckets.

2 out of 3 fiberglass parts on this order now require additional shop time to correct.
Is it possible to get some sort of partial refund due to the amount of labor it will require to fix these manufacturer defects?

This is why I did not order my hood from you nor can I recommend you as a supplier if this is the quality of work you provide. Regardless of any refund provided by you.

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