’20 Indian Challenger

Service Log

06/16/2020 Purchased.
VIN#: 56KLCDRR4L3386268
06/19/2020 Updated Ride Command.
Updated Maps.
06/23/2020 Installed Pinnacle Shifter (Eagle Skull).
Installed rear Highway Bars (CELOMT).
06/24/2020 Bad Screen Protector Install.
Inquired about ordering new kit.
06/25/2020 Removed Indian script from fairing.
Removed reflectors from front forks.
Removed “guards” from the bags.
06/26/2020 Karma is a Cruel Mistress, first rock chip.
Can’t seem to source touch up from Indian.

Indian paint code seems to be 773.
1 1024228-773 FENDER, FRONT, SNDSMK

Toyota colors that may match.

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