Now It’s Chrysler and Fiat

“Word that Fiat, of all companies, wants to save Chrysler has us thinking about that old joke about the drowning man saved by the Titanic. Neither company is particularly strong, but each gets something it desperately needs from the deal and, if nothing else, we might finally get the sweet Fiat 500.”

The full story here. Wired Blog Network.

Our Jeep / Eagle Stable (Past and Present)

Since we’ve been licensed to drive, we’ve owned quite a few vehicles. Everything from 4×2 pickups to chevy citations and full-size 4×4 trucks. But here we are going to talk about the Jeep and Eagle vehicles we owned and what we think/thought of them.

Make: Eagle
Model: Talon
Year: 1993
Color: Red
Owned: 1993 – 1998

Car was a base model DL and quite the pooch. It also didn’t brake well in traffic. Automatic seatbelt not friendly to those who imbibe the occasional beer (hit to the head).
(blakbetty) Base model so not a lot of options. Great on gas mileage, sporty but not too much power to get into trouble. Not kid friendly.

It’s a JEEP World

We are now officially a 3 Jeep family. So long $$$$, jk.
The project jeep is going to be going away. lack of time, funds, space…..The 94 YJ (heep as Chris so affectionately calls it) is now the rolling project. My ’00 TJ is still stock, not looking to do too many mods. Have a ‘black out’ project planned but it will be just bits at a time. Here’s what I’ve got planned for it so far:
black headlight rings
black stickers
black door mirror mounts
rocker guards/side steps
new bumpers
tinted soft top windows
powder coat wheels

Jeep Restore Starts… Again

With springtime fast approaching, Ive started working on the Jeep again, as well as helping CJ get his garage in order for this season’s car maintenance.

During my winter research, I found a few interesting facts about the Jeep parts I have, and also some rumors about what the Jeep actually is…

Our Jeep History:

Our Jeep was purchased from a private owner in Lancaster, OH on May 1, 2004,
billed as a 1946 CJ2A. The amount paid was $300 and was in very poor
condition. The wife and I did a non-stop, round trip, from Des Moines, IA to
Lancaster, OH and back again to retrieve it.

1946 Willys Jeep

The wife and I have been looking for a Jeep for a little over a year now, but nothing seemed to fit our budget, so when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped on a 1946 project jeep. While it was only $300, a problem did present itself. It was located in Lancaster Ohio.


We rented a car transport from Uhaul and drove out to pick it up on May 1st. About half way through Illinois, and in the middle of the night, we found out that the trailer driving lights were inoperable. Nothing to do but press on and hope the state troopers didnt find us.