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’94 YJ(S)

  Service Log 02/25/2009 Re-torqued shackles from 95FTLB to 60FTLB. Disconnected front sway bar. Cleaned up stereo wiring. Attached center console permanently. 03/09/2009 Purchased Dana 30 front axle, 4.11. Purchased Ford 8.8 rear axle, 4.10. 03/25/2009 Dana 35, rear axle, failed. 06/01/2009 Axle swaps complete. Upgraded front axle shafts with […]

’76 C3(S)

  Service Log How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 06/19/2012 Purchased. VIN#: 1Z37L6S431281 (verify) 07/17/2012 – 07/18/2012 Removed power steering pump, alternator, water pump, radiator and thermostat. 07/21/2012 – 07/22/2012 Installed Power steering pump, alternator, water pump, aluminum radiator and 192F thermostat. Removed radio antenna. […]

’15 SS(S)

Service Log Reverse Trike 08/02/2014 Deposit. 12/31/2014 Delivered to Dealership. 01/09/2015 Customer Delivery. 01/15/2015 Installed Alpha Coilpack Cover. 01/16/2015 Stop Sale. Stop Ride. Recall issued for steering and roll hoops. 01/24/2015 Installed HID kits. 01/29/2015 Parts for recall arrived at dealership. 09/15/2017 Sold! To purchase Scout Bobber.   Hits: 258