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’94 YJ(S)

  Service Log 02/25/2009 Re-torqued shackles from 95FTLB to 60FTLB. Disconnected front sway bar. Cleaned up stereo wiring. Attached center console permanently. 03/09/2009 Purchased Dana 30 front axle, 4.11. Purchased Ford 8.8 rear axle, 4.10. 03/25/2009 Dana 35, rear axle, failed. 06/01/2009 Axle swaps complete. Upgraded front axle shafts with […]

’76 C3(S)

  Service Log How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 06/19/2012 Purchased. VIN#: 1Z37L6S431281 (verify) 07/17/2012 – 07/18/2012 Removed power steering pump, alternator, water pump, radiator and thermostat. 07/21/2012 – 07/22/2012 Installed Power steering pump, alternator, water pump, aluminum radiator and 192F thermostat. Removed radio antenna. […]

’15 SS(S)

Service Log Reverse Trike 08/02/2014 Deposit. 12/31/2014 Delivered to Dealership. 01/09/2015 Customer Delivery. 01/15/2015 Installed Alpha Coilpack Cover. 01/16/2015 Stop Sale. Stop Ride. Recall issued for steering and roll hoops. 01/24/2015 Installed HID kits. 01/29/2015 Parts for recall arrived at dealership. 09/15/2017 Sold! To purchase Scout Bobber.   Hits: 255

My Chinese Eurobet Fairings

My Chinese Eurobet Fairings

Thin, no rolled edges like stock needed holes widened no gromets bit of white overspray but can’t really see it on black with how much clear coat windscreen nicer than the aftermarket i currently have (surprise!) intake cover complete junk, rough and looks like it was only primered rear passenger […]