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Clank and Grind

Earlier this morning the YJ started making this clanking grinding sound which appears to be coming from the rear axle.

After some brief troubleshooting, I determined (I think) that it’s NOT the TC or drive shaft.

1. I must be underway, forward or reverse
2. It seems to be louder in turns, specifically forward turns
3. It appears to always be there, just louder sometimes

It was 1am so I didn’t get much done with it but my thoughts are I finally killed the D35 (good thing it’s not the new 8.8) or something let loose in the brake drum.

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One thought on “Clank and Grind

  1. Further Diagnosis:

    Checked the diff, everything looks good. Sealed it up and added gear oil.

    Got some help listening on where the sound was coming from.
    We both agree that the sound is coming from the driver’s rear tire area.
    The sound can be reliably replicated by changing direction of torque (from drive to reverse and back again). It also is more evident after the brakes are heavily applied.

    Current theory is that some let loose inside the brake drum. Maybe a return spring.

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