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Our Jeep / Eagle Stable (Past and Present)

Since we’ve been licensed to drive, we’ve owned quite a few vehicles. Everything from 4×2 pickups to chevy citations and full-size 4×4 trucks. But here we are going to talk about the Jeep and Eagle vehicles we owned and what we think/thought of them.

Make: Eagle
Model: Talon
Year: 1993
Color: Red
Owned: 1993 – 1998

Car was a base model DL and quite the pooch. It also didn’t brake well in traffic. Automatic seatbelt not friendly to those who imbibe the occasional beer (hit to the head).
(blakbetty) Base model so not a lot of options. Great on gas mileage, sporty but not too much power to get into trouble. Not kid friendly.

Make: Eagle
Model: Summit
Year: 1995
Color: Dark Blue
Owned: 1998 – 2001

(blakntan) Wife got pregnant, needed a family car. This was our first attempt. We owned it for a few years, most commutes during this era were an unqualified disaster in my opinion.
(blakbetty) Zippy, great gas mileage, good commuter but I hit my head getting in every time … Made for short people.

Make: Jeep
Model: Cherokee (XJ)
Year: 1992
Color: Black Cherry
Owned: 2001 – 2008

(blakntan) Loved driving this Jeep. When you mashed the skinny pedal on this thing, it let you know. Worked outstanding as a family vehicle and was more than capable in the Iowa winters. It was only sold because the wife wanted a wrangler. It is now doing commute duty for my brother.
(blakbetty)I loved this vehicle; I could haul stuff like a truck and still had room for passengers. Never left me stranded.

Make: Willys
Model: CJ2A
Year: 1946
Color: Black
Owned: 2003 – Present

(blakntan) We drove out to Ohio to pick this up as a project, and a project it is. The frame was a huge disappoint, to the point where we were forced to buy a junkyard Jeep (1953 CJ3B) for a donor frame. However, the drivetrain (134 GoDevil and the rest) is in great condition. This project was still in progress until recently, but is now beyond my capability and time. I am currently in the process of parting this out.
(blakbetty) 24 hr road trip for a vehicle that didn’t run….Hmmmm. Took on a little more of a project than I think we could handle, but enough to get the Jeep bug started.

Make: Jeep
Model: Wrangler (YJ)
Year: 1994
Color: Tan
Owned: 2008 – Present

(blakntan) What can I say about my YJ other than I LOVE IT! Bought this recently from a mom N pops used car lot in completely stock, albeit in need of maintenance. Since purchase, I’ve done quite a bit of work; 4″ Lift, 3/4″ booms, 1″ body lift, tires, rims and more. It drives like a Jeep should and I’d rather be driving it than a 2008 Mustang. It has the Sahara trim package though most of it is gone. It was built according to Canada’s laws (built for use in Canada) but didn’t come with cruise or air, just tilt. I’ve removed the painted to match fender flares and steps. The steps have been replaced by custom, home built, boat sided rocker guards with massive under-tub coverage.
(blakbetty) Legos for adults.

Make: Jeep
Model: Wrangler (TJ)
Year: 2000
Color: Black
Owned: 2008 – Present

(blakntan) After getting my YJ, of course my wife had to had a Wrangler of her own … only newer. It proved my theory that for every dime I spend, a quarter goes to her :) Drives ok for a mallcrawler, but given the chance, I’ll take my YJ.
(blakbetty) Always wanted one and now I’ve got it. As with 99% of all wrangler owners, I want to make some changes but that’s just to make it my own.

“Two peas in a pod”
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