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It’s a JEEP World

We are now officially a 3 Jeep family. So long $$$$, jk.
The project jeep is going to be going away. lack of time, funds, space…..The 94 YJ (heep as Chris so affectionately calls it) is now the rolling project. My ’00 TJ is still stock, not looking to do too many mods. Have a ‘black out’ project planned but it will be just bits at a time. Here’s what I’ve got planned for it so far:
black headlight rings
black stickers
black door mirror mounts
rocker guards/side steps
new bumpers
tinted soft top windows
powder coat wheels

maintenance needed:
oil change
tranny service
diff service
replace door strap mounting bolt (maybe the door keepers)
fix window seals to slow/stop leaks
velcro for seat covers

I’m sure I’ll think of more, with Jeeps it’s never ending. :P

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