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A Note to Eckler’s Corvette

I wanted to contact you and say I am far from happy about the quality of the fiberglass parts I received, order # 11184560. Specifically with the front and rear bumper (Part # 33662 and 10341 respectively).

While I expected some fitment issues since this is a 30+ year old car, I did NOT expect the multiple thin spots and bubbles just under the gel coat. This has lead to extensive body work on, what should have been, install and go parts.

Here, we have an area that was less than a 1/16th of an inch thick. An area right next to the mounting surface.

Here is another thin spot that was sanded through but on the front this time.

And these two were bubbles right under the gel coat in the rear lamp buckets.

2 out of 3 fiberglass parts on this order now require additional shop time to correct.
Is it possible to get some sort of partial refund due to the amount of labor it will require to fix these manufacturer defects?

This is why I did not order my hood from you nor can I recommend you as a supplier if this is the quality of work you provide. Regardless of any refund provided by you.

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