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Listen Slick…

Those are not my high-beams.

I’m sorry that my YJ sits as high as it does. I also apologize that your 1985 Cavalier RS sits that low.

At this point, all I can say is that you are lucky I haven’t done my HID conversion yet. And before you ask, yes my lamps are adjusted properly given the height of the vehicle and the width of the headlight mounts.

Letting me pass you was commendable but passing me later (and getting behind a vehicle that just turned on to the road) served about as much purpose as you flipping me off and slamming on your brakes. It is, at this time, I would like to inform you that the Jeep is armored, front to rear, with 3/16″ steel… minimum. My bumpers are heavier.

Since any vehicle with head lamps more than 18″ off the ground will continue to cause you discomfort, I can only suggest the following items;

1. Learn to flip your rearview mirror. Maybe this article, “How does a car’s rearview mirror work when it’s in the glare-resistant setting?” will help.
2. Failing to accomplish driving tip #1, I would suggest tinting your rear window. It will look cool on your Chevy and is perfectly legal.

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