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Accessory Relay/Fuse Box

Trying to keep the wiring rat’s nest to a minimum, I created a Fuse and Relay box.

Parts list:
1 Project box a la Radioshack
1 Power distribution block
1 Fuse holder
4 Appropriately sized relays
4 Appropriately sized fuses
Various wires and connectors

I started by bridging the power distribution block followed by mounting it to the side of the box. The 4 fuse block was mounted to the lid.

I then drilled two holes in the lid for power access to the relays the box will contain.

After putting it all together, it successfully kept the wiring to the relays (4 wires per) from spreading all over the engine compartment.

Specific instructions would depend upon the type of box, fuse block etc you get.

All the pics, of this build, start on this page of the gallery.

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