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Turn Signal Stem

I busted my turn signal stem today and, apparently, you can’t get just the stem from dealerships anymore. They sell the stem and switch as a single unit for $144.

I ordered just the stem from JeepsAreUs. I have never used them before so we’ll see how it goes. Roughly $36 including shipping.


I’ll comment on the post when I billing hits the card, I get notification of shipment and receive the part.

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2 thoughts on “Turn Signal Stem

  1. I cancelled this order and while JeepsAreUs was pretty quick to charge the card, they were just as responsive in crediting it.

    I found that you can use a GM turn signal stem in a YJ at a reduced cost.

    If you pick up part number 49273 (without cruise control) at car quest, it’s a direct replacement. Total cost of about $15.

    Applications listed on the back:
    Various GM without cruise control 1994-81.

    Made by Dorman.

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