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Stereo Hookup

Recently I had a slight battery drain issue which I narrowed down to the stereo install. Apparently there was power applied all the time, regardless of ignition switch position. Even with the unit off, there was a significant draw.

I did some digging and found a wiring diagram for the unit.

Brown, phone mute. (unused)
Yellow, 15A fused, memory backup lead. (needs power all the time)
Yellow, 3A fused, bus power. (needs power all the time)
Red, power. (needs power when ignition is on position)
Blue/White, amp turn on. (not used at this time, but will in future)
Black, ground.
Orange/White, illumination. (connect to light switch?)
Blue, auto antenna. (LOL, on a YJ? unused)

So now I have to figure out where all this is SUPPOSED to go in the wiring harness.

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