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Winter Planning

Since it’s too cold out to actually do any work, it’s time to make plans for the future.

I need to work on multiple systems on my YJ. Recovery, electrical, suspension and a seeping leak etc.

Luke over at Frontier 4×4, is currently designing a front bumper to house the Smittybilt XRC8 I will be buying soon.

Move hi-lift to rollbars or hood.

I will be putting LED replacement dash lights in. Half the bulbs I have are burnt out.
Get gauges working or replaced.
Alternator upgrade for winch use.
Install dash speakers.
Install 12Vdc air compressor.
Wire in XRC8 winch.

I have a small leak at the transmission cooler that needs corrected.

Finally trim u-bolts.
Install bump stops.

Adjust E-brake

I’ll add more as I think of it.

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