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’19 FTR 1200S RR

2019 FTR

Service Log

09/14/2019 Purchased.
VIN#: 56KRTS252K3153624
09/18/2019 Removed Akrapovic baffles.
Installed rear spools.
Removed stock mirrors and installed plugs.
Removed rear “bumper”.
09/19/2019 Installed heat shielding under saddle.
09/25/2019 Installed underbar mirrors.
Installed Dustin’s license plate relocator.
09/26/2019 Broke Dustin’s license plate relocator.
09/28/2019 Fabricated some temporary brackets for the license plate.
11/09/2019 Mounted Blackout Plate.
Installed wheel lock.
02/15/2020 Installed NRC Tail Tidy.
04/01/2020 Swapped blackout for Veteran’s plate.
06/24/2020 Complete Recall #19V882.
10A Circuit Breaker Replacement.
06/24/2020 Installed Screen Protector.
06/24/2020 Checked VECI Decal Error.
09/20/2020 Wrapped headers.

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